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Surface Plasmonic Resonance and Z-Scheme Charge Transport Synergy in Three-Dimensional Flower-like Ag-CeO2-ZnO Heterostructures for Highly Improved Photocatalytic CO2Reduction
Biomass-Assisted Synthesis of CeO2Nanorods for CO2Photoreduction under Visible Light
Organic half-metal derived erythroid-like BiVO4/hm-C4N3 Z-Scheme photocatalyst: Reduction sites upgrading and rate-determining step modulation for overall CO2 and H2O conversion
Sulfur doped In2O3-CeO2 hollow hexagonal prisms with carbon coating for efficient photocatalytic CO2 reduction
Highly-configured TiO2 hollow spheres adorned with N-doped carbon dots as a high-performance photocatalyst for solar-induced CO2 reduction to methane