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Hierarchical Z-scheme Fe2O3@ZnIn2S4 core–shell heterostructures with enhanced adsorption capacity enabling significantly improved photocatalytic CO2 reduction
3D hierarchical architecture collaborating with 2D/2D interface interaction in NiAl-LDH/Ti3C2 nanocomposite for efficient and selective photoconversion of CO2
Combination of Co2+-immobilized covalent triazine framework and TiO2 by covalent bonds to enhance photoreduction of CO2 to CO with H2O
Independent Cr2O3 functions as efficient cocatalyst on the crystal facets engineered TiO2 for photocatalytic CO2 reduction
Self-assembly of TiO2/ZIF-8 nanocomposites for varied photocatalytic CO2 reduction with H2O vapor induced by different synthetic methods